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Accuracy. Integrity. Personal Service.

These are the principles we've built our business on.

At Goodman Bkpg. & Tax Srvcs., we provide payroll and bookkeeping services for small

business, sole proprietors and corporations. We also offer extensive start-up business

services including office management and organization. We assist in credit management,

credit repair and are QuickBooks certified.

We have found over the 39 years of being in business;  clients value personal service vs the

overall fee. While our fees are comparable and sometimes less than our competition, the

value of the personal attention our entire staff pays to our clients is the highest value we

provide. We value client loyalty which has allowed us to remain in business and grow at a

steady annual pace while maintaining our integrity.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
  • Business Income Tax Preparation
  • Income Tax Planning Strategies
  • Accounts Payable (Checkbook management/write checks)
  • Accounts Receivable (Billing and Collection)

  • Multi-Year tax preparation / Prior year tax return reviews
  • Payroll Services which includes Qtr and Annual Payroll Return Preparation
  • Bookkeeping Services

  • Financial Consulting/Investment Review
  • QuickBooks Set-Up/Training
  • Bankruptcy Consultation
  • Credit Consultation and Repair

If you are in need of income tax preparation, payroll or bookkeeping services, please give us

           a call. It would be a pleasure to apply our experience to your specific situation.

Call us today - 419-868-1040

your initial 1 hour consultation is free!


Order a copy of your credit report once a year from each of the three national credit-reporting agencies (Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax) to check for inaccuracies and fraudulent use of your accounts. Monitoring your credit card statements and your credit report are the most important steps you can take to safeguard your credit identity.

• To order your report from Equifax, call (800) 685-1111,or go to

• To order your report from Experian, call(888) EXPERIAN (397-3742),or go to

• To order your report from TransUnion, call(800) 916-8800, or go to

Remove your name from the marketing lists of the three credit-reporting agencies; this will limit the number of pre-screened offers of credit you receive in the mail. To do this, call the Credit Reporting Industry opt-out telephone number. The three major credit bureaus use the same toll-free telephone numbers for this service: (800) 353-0809 or

(888) 567-8688.

To receive fewer unsolicited telemarketing calls, you can register for the Direct Marketing Association's Telephone Preference Service (TPS), which allows you to "opt out" of national telemarketing lists. Contact:

• Telephone Preference Service Attention: Dept 9301664 Direct Marketing Association P.O. Box 282, Carmel, NY 10512


When creating passwords and PINs,do not use the last four digits ofyour Social Security number, your birth date, middle name, mother’s maiden name, pet’s name, address, consecutive numbers, or anything else that could be discovered easily by thieves.

Ask your financial institution to add extra security protection to youraccount. Most will allow you to use an additional code (a number or word) when accessing your account. Do not use the passwords and PINs listed above.


Carefully review your credit card statements and phone bills, including cellular phone bills, for unauthorized charges or fraudulent use. Beaware that under current laws, your local telephone company is obliged to let other carriers use its billing system for a fee. More and more unscrupulous third parties are billing consumers for goods such as special services, calling plans, or memberships that they did not order and do not want. Do not agree to any sale or offer over the telephone when the call is unsolicited and you do not know the caller or the company. Ask that promotional materials be mailed to you instead.

Store your canceled checks in a safe place. In the wrong hands, they could reveal a great deal of information about you, including youraccount number, telephone number and driver’s license number.


Immediately contact the police and file a police report.

Notify your bank and credit card companies of the fraud.

Send copies of the police report to your bank and credit card companies.

Immediately cancel credit card and bank accounts and have new accounts opened with new numbers.

Contact the creditors of any accounts that have been tampered with or fraudulently used.

Contact the fraud department of each of the three national credit bureaus. Add a “fraud alert” to your credit file to aid in the prevention of further fraudulent activities.

7429 International Drive, Suite B

Holland, Ohio 43528

Telephone: 419-868-1040

Fax: 419-868-5540

Additional ways to protect yourself from identify theft are as follows. 

* Do not throw away credit card statements, bills, insurance papers or bank statements where a criminal could retrieve them from the trash. If you must throw them out, first shred or destroy them.

* When making credit card purchases from retailer, ask for credit card carbons if the retailer is not using carbonless forms.

* Reduce the number of active credit cards you use. Carry only 1 or 2 cards in your wallet at a time.

* Cancel all unused credit card accounts. The account numbers are recorded on your credit report which is full of data that can be used by identity thieves.

* Keep a list or copy of all your credit cards with account numbers and expiration dates including telephone numbers for customer service and fraud departments in a secure place (not in your wallet or purse) so you can quickly contact the creditors in case the cards are lost or stolen from your wallet or purse. The speedy notification process will help in alleviating any use of the cards and you can contact customer service anytime day or night.

* Be careful before using credit cards on the internet or before providing personal information (such as SSN or DOB) on an electronic application.

* NEVER give out personal or financial information over the phone to ANYONE who calls to solicit a purchase or donation.

* Be wary of anyone calling to "confirm" personal or financial information. Often, these are criminals trying to obtain those facts under the guise of "confirmation". 


Immediately file a police report and send copies of the report to yourbank, credit card companies and insurance company.

• Cancel credit card and bank accounts and have new accounts opened with new numbers.

• Report lost or stolen credit cards to the three national credit-reporting agencies in writing (Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax). This is important because if a criminal attempts to fraudulently charge your accounts, you will have established a written record with the credit-reporting agencies of the theft or loss of your cards.

You may also register for free account notifications from which is designed to notify you if a new account is opened in your name or if there is a problem. LifeLock also provdes similar services which is designed to stay a step ahead of anything happening on your credit or financial accounts and contacts you immediately for notification or confirmation. 


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COLUMBUS, OHIO 43215-3400



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