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With the new 2017 Tax Cuts & Job Act affecting the Sch A Itemized Deductions, please continue to donate and we will annually attempt the donations on Sch A. 


Please be reminded that all donation receipts must be filled out completely with the "count" and "item description" prior to your income tax appointment.  

The valuation calculation will be completed at your appointment but all clients must fill out the receipts in detail prior to your appointment otherwise the return will be placed on our HOLD pile until the information is received.      




CLIENT NOTICE: Receiving IRS, State of Ohio, State of Michigan or even correspondence from a City, is natural and should not be so feared. Many of the IRS letters are incorrect in that perhaps the IRS has not received all the information mailed, the City has detached and lost W2s and so forth.

Be it Known That ...... the State of Ohio has now hired the Ohio Attorney General for collection. The Ohio Attorney General is merely the "collection agency" and cannot make any changes to your return and therefore when a taxpayer telephones the OAG, you end up nowhere other than additional frustration as these Agents can not make a decision regarding your matter and will merely forward this information to the State of Ohio, thus further delay your dilemma and possible refund. Therefore, our office bypasses the OAG and goes directly to the State of Ohio to correct an issue and then request the State of Ohio "update" the OAG. This takes much less time when dealing with Ohio Dept of Taxation directly. Please allow us to handle this for you.

Therefore, please forward any correspondence you receive regarding any tax return, to the office immediately via mail, drop off at our mailbox by the road "Suite B" or fax to our office at 419-868-5540 so that the file and the letters can be forwarded to Terri for review. Thereafter, our staff will contact you with Terri's review response.   

IRS audits are always lurking!

The IRS is hiring additional agents to comb thru income tax returns to find any rhyme or reason for audit as well as collection. Multi-year returns are being targeted for non-filing

penalties, under reported income, overstated expenses as well as Revenue Agents are on

the prowl for collection enforcement. When filing married filing joint, it is important to note that if a spouse has a Sch C business, the other spouse is held responsible for ANYTHING reported on that return and will be held responsible for any tax associated with the audit change REGARDLESS if you are divorced currently from that spouse and regardless if that spouse is deceased at the time of the audit. 

The IRS accepts no exceptions for death when it comes to taxes! If the surviving spouse had no knowledge of what the bsns spouse reported then that is too bad. 

If the surviving spouse has no paperwork or bank statements to support the income and/or deductions on the return then that is too bad as well. The IRS will subpoena any and all bank records to "only prove income" and will disallow any expenses that were reported on the return. 

It is VITAL that all bank statements be retained for at least 3 years. The cost for copies from the Bank 3 years down the road is quite overwhelming. Retaining only the bank statements will not support the deductions on your returns because the mere fact that the check shows where it was paid and the fact that it was paid - it doesn't show why it was paid. All cancelled checks must be retained as well which is dual backup documentation along with the receipts.

If you deposit loan monies, cashed out bonds, received distribution from Aunt Nelly's Estate, deposited Grandma's handsome sum of a Christmas gift, sold your coin collection or vehicle etc. other than your wages; you should document all monies deposited - - in your check register. I also suggest spouse paychecks be documented separately in the check register as this will all be confirmed through audit and having to reconstruct your records 3 years later will prove very difficult and cumbersome or even impossible - therefore the IRS wins as you can't prove your tax position taken. If you can't prove every deposit and total deposits are less than what is shown on your tax return; you will be taxed on under reported income. Keep your records people!

SUGGESTION: Obtain a filing cabinet and files to retain all bank statements and receipts annually for ANYTHING deducted on your tax return for at least 3 years. Make sure files are kept in a water proof cabinet or tote/bin because flood or fire is also no excuse. The IRS Auditor has the final word in determining the validity of any deduction and the Auditor is only required to "prove income". 

Also understand that once an IRS audit is complete, the IRS will forward the State agency an RAR which is an IRS "Revenue Agent Report" and you will be taxed and charged P&I on under reported income by the State as well.     

All IRS letters retain priority status in the office. Don't contact the IRS directly or allow

IRS access to your home. Please call the office @ 419-868-1040 for assistance!

Call our office today for an appointment! 419-868-1040